Celuk Art Village

Celuk Village has been designated as a gold and silver artist colony since 1976. At the period, foreign visitors began to recognise Bali’s tourist attractions. Celuk Hamlet produces a huge quantity of high-quality gold and silver handicrafts.
Almost everyone in town is a silver artist who also buys and sells silver. Celuk’s silver jewellery workers and designers are highly competent.
Celuk village artists’ work is now available in national and international markets. Bali silver jewellery includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and brooches. Here you may also buy gold souvenirs like spoons, forks, sculptures, and rings.

Things To Know Before Visit Celuk Art Village

to go to Celuk village from Ngurah Rai Airport, it takes about 1 hour, crossing the Ngurah Rai By Pass to the east. Celuk Village is in the area of other Balinese jewelry craftsmen villages, namely Batubulan Village, Mas Village, and Batuan Village.

If you need directions to go to Celuk Gianyar Village, you can use Google map

Every day Celuk village is crowded with tourists and is one of the tour routes for the Bali tour package itinerary. Tourists can see the locals directly making gold and silver crafts. Along the Celuk village road, there are also shops that sell these crafts.

Even if they don’t buy, tourists can freely look at Balinese silver handicrafts. Usually silver and gold handicrafts are displayed on glass shelves to attract visitors passing by on the street. Almost along the left and right of the road in the village of Celuk are full of silver and gold handicraft shops

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