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Nusa Penida is a small island off the coast of Bali, separated by the Badung Strait. Beautiful tourist spots on Nusa Penida include beaches, unusual cliffs, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. We provide tours to both the western and eastern portions of Nusa Penida, as well as a combination of the two. The western section of Nusa Penida has unusual cliffs formed like a T-Rex Dinosaur and spectacular beach views, while the eastern part of Nusa Penida has views of tree houses, swings, and beautiful beaches.

We divide Nusa Penida into three full-day trip packages based on geographical conditions and the quantity of tourist sites on the island. There is a west tour, an east tour, and a combo tour. Aside from that, there are other trip packages in Nusa Penida that involve snorkeling to observe manta rays and various types of extremely good coral reefs.

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