Edelweis Garden

Bali Edelweis Flower Park is not far from Besakih Temple village. The distance is approximately two kilometers and may be covered in seven minutes by two or four wheeled vehicles. So, if you’re planning a trip to Besakih, don’t forget to stop by here. Because the park is located near a mountain slope, the road to it is slightly hilly. It is quite narrow, so drivers must exercise extreme caution. Are Friends Travelers interested in visiting Edelweiss Bali Tourism Park after reading this review? Don’t be concerned about the facilities because there is already a vast parking lot, cheap eating establishments, and a shelter.

Things To Know Before Visit Edelweis Garden


Did you know that Edelweiss Flower is also dubbed the flower of eternity? This plant is usually commonly found around mountain peaks. Getting it is very difficult, because you have to be willing to explore the steep cliffs. But to prevent the damage to ekosisite, Edelweis is now banned from being picked by climbers.

Interestingly, Edelweis Tourism Park turns out to be just a name? Inside Friends Traveler will not find the same type of flowers as those generally in the mountains. You will only see other flowers with fairly similar shapes The interest in question is called Kasna. Bali Edelweis Park itself was not so popular compared to Ubud or Kuta.

\But now, if you happen to be in Bali and don’t stop by here, it’s going to be a loss. Because this tourist location is amazing. When it is blooming, a row of kasna flowers will produce views like a white rug, very beautiful. But to be able to see this beautiful flower, you must come before Galungan. You will not be able to find the kasna flower during the Hindu holiday, because everything is taken as ceremonial equipment

Getting into the Edelweis Flower Garden in Bali is not very expensive. Enough to pay IDR 10,000 / person, you can be satisfied enjoying the beautiful scenery. In addition there are many good photo spots that can be used as selfie backgrounds. Starting from wooden swing, connecting bridge, cottage, until the Peken Market. In the market you can find some of the plantation products from around the Temukus Village area. Interesting right?

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