Jatiluih Rice Terrace

Bali Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is a well-known tourist destination in Bali, famous for its spectacular rice terraces that stretch from the mountain’s base to the coast. It is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Bali, and its name is derived from the words Jati and Luwih, where Jati means genuinely and Luwih means special, good, and lovely, or something similar. When compared to other prominent paddy planted by most farmers in Bali, the local paddies grown in this location have a larger relative size plant. Despite this, Jatiluwih is well-known for its organic farming method, which is enabled by its location on the Watukaru Mount plateau.

Things To Know Before Visit Jati Luih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih is a tourist attraction in the Penebel district of Tabanan. Jatiluwih is well-known for its natural beauty, particularly its terraced rice fields. Because the position of this Jatiluwih is located at the foot of the Batukaru mountain, it is also in the gorgeous mountain landscape. Jatiluwih rice crop covers roughly 636 acres. And this Jatiluwih rice field is approximately 700 meters above sea level. Because of the lovely environment that is still natural and has fresh air, this area is a great spot to visit for those who have missed the Mountain pure air and natural scenery as a place to relieve the mind. 

Because it is positioned 700 meters above sea level, Jatiluwih has a cool atmosphere. Aside from its natural potency, Jatiluwih is also preserving cultural potency, particularly the history of the Petali Temple, which is linked to the power of Ida Dalem Waturenggong King in Keraton Gelgel. (1460 – 1552). The distance between Denpasar and Jatiluwih is around 48 kilometers, and it is located in Tabanan town’s upstate. (28 Km). The route to this location has been gradually renovated so that motor vehicles can enter from the east side through Pacung Village and travel to Jatiluwih, as well as from the west side through Watukaru Temple and pass to Jatiluwih. Tourists from both domestic and international countries flock to Jatiluwih.

Jatiluwih village also contains a temple devoted to Dewi Sri, the goddess of fertility, where a large ritual is held every specific day to thank Dewi Sri for taking care of the rice fields so that they can be harvested and yield healthy and quality rice. On Wednesday Kliwon Ugu, Jatiluwih also keeps the unique religious ritual attraction known as Patirtaan in Petali Temple. (Based on Balinese Calendar). The locals think that Petali Temple is a place of worship for The Hyang Widhi Wasa (the God) as an agricultural power. In addition to Petali Temple, Pucak Rsi Temple is located in this location. As a tourist attraction, Jatiluwih provides public amenities such as parking.

Tourists can visit the hot spring water of angsri from Jatiluwih Rice Terrace because the distance from the hot spring angsri Jatiluwih is so close. In addition to Angsri hot water, you can also visit multiple coffee plantations nearby, which have various types of coffee to enjoy as well as the famed Luwak coffee, which is also found at a coffee plantation near this Jatiluwih rice terrace. Although the location of this resort is remote, with winding roads, there are numerous nearby things that we may enjoy. The journey to this region is also not boring because we go by beautiful river vistas with large stretches of rice fields.

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